I mostly make paintings, from large scale canvases, miniatures to murals, small painted sculptures to text based artworks. I explore the complicated coupling of eastern and western cultures in richly vibrant portrayals of the different autobiographical factors present in my life.

I have exhibited both nationally and internationally and I have currently had a solo exhibition ‘Coco!Nuts! at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow in October 2018.Coco!Nuts! is a collection of selected works from the last six years. The exhibition begins with the work “Dad” a neon tribute to the first generation of Asian shopkeepers in Glasgow and ends with the “Car Crash, January 25th ( the morning of the Creative Scotland RFO announcement.

My medium is painting, but some of the most recent works are a collection of fabrics. These reference several recurring motifs in my work and are a small homage to the fashion shops that my dad had in Glasgow in the 1980s and 90s.

The work that I make is personal, playful, political and painful at times. Painting for me is about taking painful experiences and exploring them through art. I have explored themes such as suicide, depression, shame, anxiety, guilt and fear, love and loss, through the work on display. My works are joyous, demented expressions of these themes, mirroring the worlds we experience both outside and within.

My influences are a varied hybrid of styles, ranging from psychedelic art, comic book art, album cover art, song lyrics, voodoo and folk art, b-movie film posters and cartoons.

I often use humour in my work as I find it a powerful tool in addressing topics which are complex and difficult to talk about and see comedy as a big influence on my work. In particular, i think the greatest influence on my work is a specific Scottish type of dark humour and being Glaswegian it’s as dark as hell.