Rabiya Choudhry is an artist based in Scotland. Her paintings share influences from art history, music and pop culture to explore ideas of love, loss and cultural identity. Choudhry has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

“I am inspired by my family and social injustice, the horrors of war and of everyday living.  Visually, I take inspiration from Surrealist/Futurist/Cubist art, comic-book artists such as Robert Crumb, horror films and particularly b-movie aesthetics, hand-painted Ghanaian poster art and Bollywood film posters.  I’m also interested in street artists who take their cause onto the streets and use their work as a platform for public engagement” 

 Currently she is making work exploring the concept of value, how it should be physically represented and how we can go about finding/funding different ways to exist outwith modern structuring systems.


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